Don’t know what it means?  Don’t worry, it’s not for you anyway.

And yes, the name of this blog is intentional, and yes, I know about the Project for New American Century.


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  1. Here, there,

    Thanks for the posts you placed at wmf and your website. Dalai’s coming to Seattle and UW. I am collecting materials for protesting purpose. I am very interested in the claim in your 10 Qestions which Dalai and Saddem are the only two leaders congratulated India’s nuc test. I did some search but found only one link which doesn’t support this claim. Would you please let me know the original sourse of it? Salute!

    Lu Liu

  2. Thank you for sharing the information to the public my friend. If you need any help about building or gathering news and info. You can contact me : )

  3. 对了,国内访问不了这个网站。


  4. 不如放宽些,“以中国和亚洲为主要支柱之一的世界新秩序” 。推荐Kishore Mahbubani的The New Asian Hemisphere,以及他在CBC的辩论,http://www.wforum.com/wmf/posts/1115832398.html

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