A Talk about the “Return of Asia”

Related video at Berkeley


The following review on this video is by: 发信人: raylee (cosmos), 信区: RisingChina



很赞赏新加坡教授Kishore Mahbubani的观点, 他的立场是抓主要矛盾,承认中国有进步,有错误,但评判中国发生的历史变化,政治现状,腐败问题,环境问题的根本标准是:中国的经济是变好了还是变坏了,是在发展进步还是退步。因为建设一个好的政治体制,保护环境,惩治腐败归根到底还是为了要促进社会和经济发展。从这个标准,就不难去评价中国发生的一系列问题:问题严重但不会影响到中国长远发展,重要的是看到中国正在努力改善。中国在各种目标中做权衡,他认为中国现在做的是非常准确的一个平衡,不偏不倚。


几个具体的问题总结一下,Kishore Mahbubani的观点:

1. 苏丹问题, Sudan and Dafur

There are hundreds of thousands of people died in Irag because US invaded another country illegally(without approve of security council), while China is not directly involved killing in Dafur, and China is not sending any armies to invade, not occupying any territory of Sudan!


2. 腐败问题,

The money leak in China’s reserve because of corruption is little compared to China’s huge accumulation in there reserve.


3. 环境污染:

China and India are producing more pollutions now, but if we are asking China and India to pay for what they are newly adding to the pollution, the western countries have also to pay for what they have already added to the pollution stock for over two hundred years. The newly added pollution by China and India is much less than the stocked pollution there for over 200 years. While none western countries are willing to pay that. Why do you ask developing countries to pay while developed western escape!


4. Political stability,

China has put the right balance (of control) on the society, no more, no less. Comparing China and Russia, China is heading the right direction, in the cases of handling issues in 1989.


5. Tibet

Many say there are thousands of tibetan protests, while there are hundreds of thousands of demonstrators of Chinese people all over the world, like in front of CNN. These are western educated.


6. Future,

China is heading the right direction. Chinese leaders are aware of these problems. Although they could not solve overnight, they are improving fast.  Now Asia’s return!


另外三个人:Alan Alexandroff is the research director for the Program on Conflict Management and Negotiation at the Munk Centre for International Studies. Elizabeth Economy is C.V. Starr senior fellow and director for AsiaStudies at the Council on Foreign Relations. Wenran Jiang is an associate professor of Political Science and director of the China Institute at the University of Alberta.


这三个人举出的很多都是事实(当然上面有网友说Elizabeth胡扯),腐败很严重,污染很严重,社会矛盾越来越大越来越不稳定。为什么他们的话听起来不舒服呢?可能因为他们的基本逻辑就是非白即黑,而且基本上认为现状会恶化,不相信中国有能力解决这些问题(可能也不希望,估计幸灾乐祸)。而Kishore教授的态度非常有意思,他一方面是现实主义者认为China is not perfect, 但同时是一个乐观主义者,他看到了非常大的进步,所以他相信中国的未来能够解决这些问题。



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