Angela Merkel: Chinese Jack up the Food Price by drinking too Much Milk

Blame the Chinese Series, Episode #1928


It is a major crisis, but no, I am not talking about the gas prices.  I am talking about the price of rice, the staple food for half the world, has doubled over the past year.


I am glad to notice that Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, took some interests in this crisis.  She insisted that the rising food prices have nothing to do with biofuels, and added “millions of people are becoming wealthy, and when 100 million Chinese start drinking milk then that’s going to have an impact on food prices”.


Yes, you heard her right.  Check if you don’t believe me.


Why am I not surprised by her statement?  Why am I not surprised by this type of “blame China first” mentality?  Could it be that it’s already becoming old?


According to her, then, should the developing world just cease their dream of getting wealthier and a better life, so the civilized world can enjoy their life better?  Look, the development of China and India already caused environmental impact, and they should just stay where they are and everybody will be happy.  Right?


Remarkably, her reasoning is much in line with Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva of Brazil, the world’s top sugar cane grower.  Lula repeatedly rejected criticism of biofuel production.


Food is expensive because the world wasn’t prepared to see millions of Chinese people, millions of Indians and Africans eating three times a day” Lula told reporters in Brasilia on April 16th, 2008.


Sure, eating three times a day not only drives the global food prices up, but also it’s not the best way to keep ones figure.  I really want to thank Angela Merkel and others for caring for the welfare of hundreds of millions around the world.


The End.


Starring: Angela Merkel, German Chancellor

Producer: Insane Politico Production


   默克尔用这些话否定了例如世界银行,甚至另一些国家的政治家和德国发展合作部部长Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul在华盛顿国际货币基金组织和世界银行新年研讨会上的的观点。一份世界银行的调查报告中说,生物燃料生产的增加从某些角度来说大大滋长了食品价格的上涨。Wieczorek-Zeul对这份报告表示支持。报告指出,生物燃料的生产要对农产品价格的上涨承担30-70%的责任。她(Wieczorek-Zeul)呼吁对汽油混入生物燃料这一规定从进行评估。
   默克尔支持(德国)环境部部长Sigmar Gabriels(社会民主党)的由于几百万辆老式汽车(改造)的技术原因而停止实施在汽油中掺入更高比例生物燃料的决定。这是绝对正确的这位总理说。有人认为,推迟(实施)这一政策会动摇总的气候保护方针,他错大了。她强调说。
  按照绿色和平组织的看法,第二代生物燃料还是从农田里来,所以会与食品(生产)形成竞争。如果不进口原材料就不能满足(生物燃料生产)设施巨大的需求。因此(在这个精炼厂里)烧掉的不是德国的废木料,而是来自世界各个角落的能量作物(译者:专门培植的用来提炼生物燃料的农作物。)。绿色和平组织专家Ulrike Kallee指出,生产第二代生物燃料甚至比(生产)酒精和生物柴油更贵。因为所需的设备十分昂贵。只有(政府)巨大的补贴才能使这种燃料具有市场竞争力。


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