In Defense of TDD Victims – Mr. Cafferty and Western Media

I don’t know whether I am getting too soft, or I am just getting old, but I want to come out to throw myself in front of the bus and say, please, have some sympathy for Mr. Cafferty and the western media.


Everybody saw what they did, but very few know the full story.  Western media suffers server case of Truth Deficit Disorder, or TDD for short.  The syndrome has been out there for a while, but everybody is so fired up by the recent events but forget who the real victims are.  Where is the compassion?


The most famous meltdown was back in 2003.  It just happened that Bush was pushing for his holly war in Iraq.  The western media lead by CNN, BBC, NBC, NY Times, etc. simply repeated what’s being spoon-fed to them by Bush and his government.  Millions of people around the world came out against the propaganda, but nobody had the right prescription.  The result?  We all know by now that the western media was nothing but puppet of the warmongers.


What happened in 2008 is another episode of the evil influence of TDD on the western media.  They cannot help themselves, just like the smokers and drug addicts.


In Mr. Cafferty’s case, he also suffers from severe Running Mouth Syndrome (RMS).  If you ever watched him on CNN, you would understand.  However I can assure you that he is a genuine individual and his doctor is working diligently on his case.


In a civilized world, even TDD victims have their rights.  Until scientists find the cure for TDD, I call for compassion and understanding.


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