Darfur and Oil: what do you really care about?



Ok, I admire the fact that you care about everyone and anyone on this plant.  The problem is, with more than 6 billion of us, just how thin can you stretch your sympathy and love across the globe before they all become virtually meaningless?  When you think you love everyone, you love no one.  To pretend otherwise is merely an attempt to impersonate GOD himself.


Ever wonder why those hot spots are all lined up nicely in your media?  It’s almost like somebody plan it.  Sure you care about the human rights over there, but somebody else is keeping eyes on something else, OIL:

Courtesy of youtube video: Darfur, Sudan, Oil, America and China

Don’t let your sympathy and love for humanity become the vehicle of the greedy, the zealots, and the warmongers.


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