Dalai is NO Jesus

Indeed, nobody can deny Dalai Lama is one of the religious leaders of Tibetan Buddhism, but don’t get confused by the oracle he and his people put around him.

Truth tells us that Dalai is no Jesus

Note that by clicking on the images, you can view the full size version.  You can distribute these flyers for free.  I respectfully ask you to credit this blog.  Thanks

  Dalai Lama is no Jesus

What would Jesus do:

Dalai Lama\'s Religious Ritual Objects

 Serfs under Dalai Lama\'s rule

Dalai Lama and his murderous friends

Dalai Lama is a CIA operative

Dalai Lama and violence

Dalai Lama\'s followers\' Victims

Remember, Dalai Lama is NO Jesus.


5 Responses

  1. shouldn’t it be “…Dalai Lama is one of the religious leaders …”?

  2. Great point! Changed it. Thanks so much.

  3. Great job! Convincing evidence that the CNN audience cannot imagine.

    Please check your spelling and grammar:

    (1) “Drum made by virgin’s hide” should read “Drum made of virgin’s skin”.
    (2) “Die in vein” should read “die in vain”
    (3) “Mass murders” should read “mass murderers”.

    In addition, try to find/use clearer images of Dalai’s association with those convicted terrorists.

  4. this is truly disheartening and cumbersome accusation to digest that in this mundane world the great personages are flayed and accused for whatever good things they do.we know how the world is grateful to person like dalai lama but some thoughtless person who purports to have knowledge accuse them in a way which is the last-ditch effort to defame their effulgent reputation and honor and that kind of method looks much more than stupid and lunatic.the world could face a very unprecedented challege without dalai lama since he has been working to bring harmony among the multi_religions. so plz you stupid person people abjure accusing like that.

  5. really these chicoms are assholes. they dont know what to say and how to say. any one will laugh on these fabricated images. keep on these funny attempts.

    In India we Call these type of guys Chutia.

    Long Live H H Dalai Lama.

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